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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If we cancel the wedding, will we receive our deposit back?
A. As a rule no. Deposits are used to reserve your date. Once we've reserved your date we do not accept new clients on that date.

Q. What payment plans does MLP offer?
A. Cash or check, all major credit cards and layaway plans.

Q. What if we exceed our contracted time for our engagement shoot and/or wedding day coverage?
A. We never charge if we run over a little bit. If it extends at length there could be an additional hourly rate charge.

Q. We're really busy and won't be able to meet. Are there any other options?
A. We'd love to meet with you prior to our engagement shoot or wedding; however, if you're somehow too busy or too far away, we can handle everything remotely. Just think about what you hope to achieve from that meeting and we can think of ways of achieving them.

Q. We live out-of-town. Is it possible for our family/friends to meet with you instead?
A. We'd love to meet your relatives, answer all their questions and review our work with them. If possible, we'd like to at least Skype with you to get to know you better.

Q. How do I get my wedding published on other wedding blogs or magazines?
A. We can assist with that. We have a list of favorite wedding blogs and their instructions for submission.

Q. What type of camera equipment and lighting do you use?
A. We work with the top model Nikon cameras. Some sessions will involve as many as 10 different lenses. We use the latest and greatest lighting technology.

Q. Does MLP do headshots, individual portraits, family portraits...?
A. Sometimes. My specialty first and foremost are weddings. I've recently been designated as the photographer for Utah's two largest beauty pageants. I volunteer my services to the American Heart Association's fund raising events. Beyond that weddings get top priority, but schedule permitting I'm open to making my services available.

Q. Do you blog post or Facebook my wedding?
A. We would never do a blog post or Facebook entry from your wedding without your permission. We know that weddings are intimate events and not all clients want their wedding posted. As a rule, high profile clients always ask for no publicity. It's up to your whether you want the exposure or not.



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